Seventy percent of us hate our jobs. Is it any wonder, with pointless jargon to contend with (Key Performance Indicators, anyone?), and even more pointless employee perks? A stapler isn’t a perk! And as for bosses, where do we start?

Karoshi is Japanese for ‘death by overwork’ – literally. But what about the little deaths we all experience every time we clock in? This hilarious, fact-filled hour pokes fun at the absurdities that drove her to head for the door.

Aimed at anyone who’s ever had a job, this is surely the most relatable show you’ve ever seen. 

Karoshi has been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe (2017, 2018), Brighton Fringe (2018), Hasting Comedy Fringe Festival (2018).

In 2019, the show tours to the Crouch End Festival, Manchester Fringe, Camden Fringe and Faversham Fringe. (See COMEDY for dates of upcoming shows)

The show is also available for corporate events and can be adapted according to client requirements.

CONTACT ME for details.

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