How to Present Your Story with Power, in Work and in Life.
NEXT COURSE: 26th October at 11am, Chapel Playhouse, London
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We are all natural storytellers. Stories are at the heart of everything we share with each other, whether they be personal recollections or business presentations, jokes or sales figures. Yet, so many of us dread presenting our stories in public. In this course, I will show you how to present yourself and your story persuasively  using techniques I have polished over years in business and as a performer. I will show how structure, preparation and a few tricks of the performer’s trade can help us overcome our fears and present our stories with confidence, and humour.  Whether it’s a business presentation, an academic paper, or a comic monologue, at the end of this course, you will have the tools to tell your story persuasively and confidently to a variety of audiences. 
The course can be tailored to different lengths and groups of different sizes.
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My solo show about the madness of today's workplace can also be used for in-company leadership training, and can adapted for your purposes. It is ideal for less formal settings, perhaps a post-conference dinner or off-site team meeting.

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